Richard Stott

An forthright Mancunian looking to make the most of life, business and sport.

Chief Executive and Chief Investment Officer at Connectum Capital in Oslo, father,sports nut and author.

Apart from his family, Richard uses his spare time to indulge an almost unhealthy obsession with his favourite football team, throw himself down mountainsides with planks strapped to his legs in a practice sometimes referred to as skiing, and hit a stupidly small ball around nice areas of parkland looking for eighteen separate holes which someone has been kind enough to mark with a flag.

In the soon to be released '7 Secrets of Money - An Insider's Guide to Investment Success', together with his co-authors he explores one of his areas of interest, investing, and the reasons most people don't get what they want from their investments and how they can change things so that they get the investment experience they want.