Rickey Russell

Whitesburg, KY

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I was born and raised in North GA.. I have called Kentucky home since 2001. I love the Horror and Sci-fi genres. I run a horror blog [A Southern Life In Scandalous Times] that posts some of the movie news, about projects coming out-mostly the ones that I am interested in personally. It helps me keep track of all the amazing people and stories in the community. I do movie reviews, a few book reviews and interview/ articles for the Independent community.

I am also the author of Depressions Of The Soul and Demon In The Mist. Depressions is a collection of thoughts and poetry from a place of nightmare and chaos. Demon In The Mist is my first horror fiction novel set in SE KY . Besides blogging and writing I also enjoy my relationship with my partner-for over 16 years now-and my lovable and completely codependent dogs.

  • Education
    • High School
    • Two years of College