Ridgetop Research


Ridgetop Research is a primary-source equity research firm serving institutional investors seeking analysis for short- or long-term investment projects from industry-specific recruitment professionals. Headquartered in New York City, Ridgetop Research combines a custom analyst recruiting platform with strict compliance oversight to provide research that is in-depth, industry-specific, and meets all audit and compliance standards for independence. Clients served by the firm include institutional investment funds and managers, both within the U.S. and globally.

The core of Ridgetop Research’s business model is its custom recruiting platform that partners the firm’s analyst team members with professionals in the same industry as a client’s investment project. Capitalizing on the recruiting platform’s “best of breed” methodologies, Ridgetop Research analysts are able to identify, contact, and engage the services of industry professionals most appropriate to a client’s specific project needs. This enables the firm to provide institutional clients with analysis that is relevant, in-depth, and fresh for their projects’ investment parameters.

To learn more about Ridgetop’s analyst recruiting model and in-depth research services, please visit www.ridgetopresearch.com or call 646.307.4194 to speak with a firm representative.