Rob Giles is American rock and pop multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, composer and producer. His newest solo album is called When We Were Happy. He is also supporting the new Circa Zero album "Circus Hero" he made with bandmate Andy Summers of The Police. Among his many adventures he has been directed by Christopher Guest, toured with Harry Shearer, and appeared on "Glee" as a redneck named "Cooter". Rob produced and co-wrote the debut album for Tony-Award winner Sara Ramirez (Grey's Anatomy, EP reached #30 on Billboard 200, #1 iTunes) and the follow-up to his band, The Rescues' Let Loose the Horses. His songs have appeared in movies and television shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, One Tree Hill and many more. He is the President of Wordsmith Makeshop, a philanthropic company that hopes to bring art and charitable energy together, and is also a proud member of Green & Bloom.

Some of the wonderful people he has had the opportunity to collaborate with include:

• Andy Summers of The Police

• Tony Award winner Sara Ramirez

• Tony Award nominee Kristin Hanggi

• Billy Mann

• The Rescues

• Christopher Guest

• Harry Shearer

• Joe Cocker


• Green & Bloom

• Universal Records

• Kina Grannis

• Hotel Cafe

• Right the Stars