Robert Haight

IT in Minneapolis, Minnesota

I live the modern life, a job in technology, my trusty iPad & iPhone, GPS, wifi, blogs and social media. But I am also looking to the old ways: home cooking, canning, fermenting, and dehydrating. Getting back to the outdoors with camping, cycling and walking. I travel by train when I can and have seen things I’ve never found in an airport or an airplane. Kids listening to a woman play a banjo, people finding new love while traveling to find new lives and talking to people I might not run across anywhere else; Amish farmers, engineers on nuclear submarines, filmmakers and North Dakota oilmen. We seem to have kept the worst aspects of the old ways and lost the happiness found in simplicity. We cannot go back, but I want to find new ways to move forward.

  • Work
    • LOGIS
  • Education
    • University of Wisconsin - Madison