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Robyn currently facilitates the Psalms Study Group on If you'd like to be part of a fairly harmonious, devotional and spirited discussion, come on over and request to join.

Robyn writes columns in several categories at Her Examiner.Com Profile includes all of her columns: Lifestyle, Social Issues, Christian Perspectives, Spiritual Pathways and Dreams & Spiritual Wisdom. You can subscribe to updates to Robyn's articles in each category. Scroll down for links to each category.

Lifestyles Examiner and

Social Issues Examiner Columns

Robyn Bray's endless curiosity, merged with her honed communication skills, gives her an edge when it comes to seeking out unique stories and bringing them to you with a fresh perspective. After you enjoy her Lifestyle and Social Issues columns, check out her deeper side by reading her articles on faith and spirituality.

Christian Perspective Examiner

Robyn has been involved in Christian ministry and writing for many years. She especially loves "small groups" fellowship, online and off. Join her for discussions about the things that really matter and share this blessing with your friends!

Spiritual Pathways Examiner

Not every pathway leads to God, but God will travel any pathway to get to where we are.

National Dreams and Wisdom Examiner

Robyn has been given insight into the wisdom of dreams. Follow this column if you want to learn more about how God instructs us through our dreams.

Beyond Examiner

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Fairelight Silverwings' Journal of Dreams & Ancient Wisdom

Writing as Fairelight Silverwings, Robyn interprets dreams and encourages readers in mattersof spiritual growth and guidance.