Rodrigo Medeiros

Student in Ponta Delgada, Portugal

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I guess you came to this page to know a little bit about Rodrigo Medeiros (Roo•dree•goo Mm•deh•ee•r•oo-sh) . First of all: I'm not Spanish, I'm not the Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Rodrigo Medeiros, nor the photographer Rodrigo Medeiros either (yes, I've Googled my name before) and I do not like dubstep (this seems relevant somehow).

Well, since my early years which I have memory of I always noticed my tastes were slightly different than most of the people and I could only relate to a few selected people. Then, something new: Internet, at about the end of 2007 - this expanded my horizons and showed me new things which I quickly became interested in, but once again, they differed from most of the population. Music-wise, I love Dutch underground music - more specifically hardstyle, hardcore, jumpstyle and hardtrance. Besides those I'm also an active listener of classic trance, acid trance and psychedelic trance. On the non-electronic music spectrum, I am a huge fan of metalcore and its numerous sub-genres and related ones.

Here's the complicated part: interests - I could list favourite things such as movies, songs, books, places, etc. but as time passes some of these become obsolete to me and it's useless to list them all in this page like I did with music above. Let's just say I'm into zombie, comedy, action, science fiction and parody movies.

Regarding where I live, it's medium-sized island called São Miguel, which is part of the 9 island Azores archipelago, which itself is part of the Republic of Portugal. It has roughly 140.000 inhabitants, mostly good not-too-warm nor not-too-cold weather and has anything a mainland country has (shopping centres, hospitals, theatres, cinemas, etc.) and some rare things (hot springs, vulcanic remains, etc.). To be more specific, I live in the Fajã de Cima parish which is integrated in the Ponta Delgada city, which itself is the capital of the island,

I speak Portuguese and mostly English fluently and I have basic knowledge of Spanish and French.

  • Work
    • Universidade dos Açores
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    • Escola Secundária Domingos Rebelo