Roni Amid

For the past two decades, finance executive and entrepreneur Roni Amid has been immersed in various aspects of international business, amassing accomplishments at firms in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. Roni Amid served as a special consultant and Vice Chairman to MAXjet Airways, where from November 2005 through January 2008 he engaged in strategic management and fund-raising activities, notably securing $100 million in the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market. Recognized for his work in Nevada's residential real estate as well, Roni Amid owns and operates various holding companies with investments in numerous apartment buildings and condominium communities in and around the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area. Throughout the years, Roni Amid has overseen investments in such complexes as Twain Estates and Chapel Hill Apartments, providing opportunities to investors in the United States and Israel. Born and raised in Israel, Roni Amid received his education at Tel Aviv University and the College of Management in Jerusalem, where he studied business administration, finance, and other related topics.