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The Internet and the social media communities it encompasses can be incredible resources. buy facebook likes They offer both a remarkably robust amount of historical material and an incredible amount of “real-time” reporting from people at the scenes of breaking news events. buy facebook likes But they also present new and unfamiliar challenges, and they tend to amplify the effects of any ethical misjudgments you might make. So tread carefully. Conduct yourself online just as you would in any other public circumstances as an NPR journalist. Treat those you encounter online with fairness, honesty and respect, just as you would offline. Verify information before passing it along. Be honest about your intent when reporting. Avoid actions that might discredit your professional impartiality. And always remember, you represents.

Don’t just spread information. Be careful and skeptical.

When determining whether to pass along information being reported on buy facebook followers cheap sites by other news outlets or individuals, be thoughtful. buy facebook followersWhen we point to what others are saying, in the eyes of many we are effectively reporting that information ourselves. This is true whether the platform is an official NPR social media webpage, a personal blog or a Twitter page that is written by an journalist.But we also know that reporting about what’s being posted on social media can give our listeners and readers valuable insights into the day’s news.One key is to be transparent about what we’re doing. We tell readers what has and hasn’t been confirmed. We challenge those putting information out on social media to provide evidence. We raise doubts and ask questions when we have concerns — sometimes “knocking down” rumors circulating on the Web is of enormous value to our readers. And we always ask an important question: am I about to spread a thinly-sourced rumor or am I passing on valuable and credible (even if unverified) information in a transparent manner with appropriate caveats? Above all, proceed with caution, especially when news is break