Eduardo Rubiano

Eduardo Rubiano

Eduardo is an industrious individual with over 10 years' experience in sales, ranging from:

Sports, Health and Leisure, Customer service, Telco and IT Industries.

As a professional sales person he has achieved many goals by having a great working ethic and a self-development methodology that has helped him progress throughout the years.

Eduardo Speaks English, Spanish and some Portuguese, with many years of working with solely English in the UK for comanies such as Arsenal FC, Central Captial PLC, and many others he decided to use his languages to his full advantage to progress in his career.

In 2010 Eduardo joined K2 Partnering solutions UK where he had the task to help open a Brazilian entity in Sao Paulo Brazil. Eduardo was successful in doing so by travelling from London to Brazil in August 2010 after achieving the require sales target by K2 to open the office. He travelled alongside his colleagues and in a short space the office was running very successfully, Eduardo also opened new key clients across LATAM for K2 giving them a better exposure, also helped with the growth of the internal team of staff in training and mentoring them to achieve high targets. The
office is now running very well and the task he was hired to do was accomplished

In January 2012 Eduardo has taken a new challenge in duplicating his achievements with K2 at ITHR PLC where he is now the Practice Director for all SAP recruitment in LATAM, with a growing team and the help of Hilary Arredondo as his new apprentice and his team and all his experience and self-confidence, contacts and market knowledge he is now looking to help ITHR PLC in the journey of establishing the brand across LATAM.

As part of this new greenfield project Eduardo is learning about new technologies such as cloud computing, SAP HANA, sales force and many other new and revolutionary tools that will open doors in his current market.