Valentino K. Massimo

Since leaving Uni, I have worked around the world, covering 34 countries on diverse projects, building large scale network infrastructure projects to developing startup enterprises successful achievements in bridging Technology and Business through 12 years. Self-Confident, I am a Sci Phi thinker, who can effortlessly manage multiple projects concurrently. Structured and process oriented with emphasis on responsibility and accountability. Committed and dedicated ensuring proactive monitoring to minimize risk exposure Financially perceptive of P&L; with focus on budgets, time-lines, delivery dates and reducing cost of quality. I am a passionate and successl driven. I define my career as an broad stroke of flexible specialization. Whenever I am put to task on a project by an organization, they know that they are getting a one shot deal. My skills and experiences are heterogeneous, formed by my natural maturity and the repercussions of being alinged with an industry that has a cannibalistic & unremorseful nature. Nonetheless I always give each project my best effort in order to insure that all the project mechanisms required are in play to achieve mutually beneficial outcome.My roles have ranged from Network Engineer, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Sr. Solutions Architect, Regional Director, Managing Partner and Green Tech Entrepreneur, Change. I am an effective, efficient problem solver for product & services development, as well as a successful team leader and mentor. I am a strong writer and presenter. I passionate about building solutions that will help others. Today i am a dedicated Green Tech Futurist Entrepreneur and I am now working with 3 green Tech Start-ups,that will change the way we look at ourselves and treat the natural world, all 3 offering solutions and services that will help to realign humanity with the natural world. SpecializzazioniSkills: 2/3/4G Mobile & Fixed Networks, High Level Network Design Green Tech Innovation, Global Pre-sales,Project / Product R&D;, Management, Business Creation, Strategy & Turn Around green Technologist Innovator,