Stephen R. Hopkins

Honolulu Hawaii

Hopkins Luxury Home Management Systems

Our Mission Statement is simply to provide our Hawaii homeowners and property management friends with a one phone call service for all your property management and Vacation Rental guest service needs.

Our Estate Management services begins with a series of free property inspections, budget analysis, and consultations that leads to the creation of a approved annual operating and capitol expense budget. Our goal is to redesign a very efficient streamlined approach in staffing and estate operations that are ready to serve you and your families every need, 24/7 365 days a year.

We design a very pro-active approach to maintaining the value of your property and keeping its utmost beauty at the best possible affordable prices.

Our Trade Specialties:

Painting and Restoration

Power washing and surface sealing

All Home repairs and upgrades
Plumbing and Electrical repairs
Home staging
Cleaning and reorganization
Trash Removal, Construction Clean up
Property & Vendor Management

Our Estate Manager & Concierge Specialties:

Private Customized Property Management
Estate Staffing and Systems manager
Vacation Home Rental Operations
Full Guest Concierge Services
Personal Assistant Services
Full Domestic Staffing, Butlers, Chauffeur, valets, Chefs, Physical Trainers, yoga instructors, massage therapist and a Nutritionist
Special Events, Weddings, Corporate and Private Catered Affairs
Surf and SUP lessons and exclusive Beach Services
Specialized and customized all island escorted tours
General Errands & Services
All other guest services

Our Guest Concierge services are customized to provide your family or guest client with any level of concierge and domestic staffing needs during their Hawaii vacation experience. We have a vetted, well trained professional staff at your beckoning call. We also offer long term permanent domestic staff placement and training services.

"Carrying on a 150 year family tradition and legacy in Hawaii of bringing people together and creating long lasting trusting friendships that brings goodness and prosperity to all involved'".

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