Salvatore Mistretta

A veteran public safety professional, Salvatore Mistretta has worked in law enforcement for over two decades. Experienced in conducting interviews, completing computer data analysis, and reviewing cases under investigation, Salvatore Mistretta is currently in the process of opening his own private investigation agency.

During his long career, Salvatore Mistretta has achieved numerous certifications within the law enforcement field. As a certified breath technician, he performed physical performance and breath tests on individuals arrested for driving while intoxicated, and was one of three police officers in his 2,500-person department to become a Nationally Certified Drug Expert. Sal Mistretta later became a New York state certified investigator. From there, he took on a role as a commanding officer of an investigative unit. Holding this role for five years, he led a team of six police officers and nine civilian employees in the investigation of criminal cases.

Prior to entering the field of law enforcement, Sal Mistretta spent four years as a field wireman for the United States Marine Corps. He served in a reserve unit in New York, and was awarded the Physical Fitness Award after graduating from basic training. He studied business administration at State University of New York, Farmingdale, and State University of New York, Old Westbury.

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