Clinique Sculpture

San Diego Fat Transfer is one cosmetic procedure that has been with us for almost a century. The procedure entails filling in facial flaws such as hollowed cheeks, sunken eyes or indented scars. However this cosmetic procedure has evolved and developed throughout the years and newer fat transfer techniques now commonly referred to as fat grafting are used to augment many body areas which include the buttocks, biceps, triceps, calf muscles, breast, hands and even the male genital penis. Conventionally, fat transfer has been used to surgically fill in and soften the edges of small, localized areas of the body. One advantage of fat transfer is it involves your own fat cells. Since it is biocompatible to your body structure, it tremendously eliminates the chances of the patient having allergic reaction or rejection to the medical procedure. Also fat transfers are usually preferred by most cosmetic surgeons from body implant process because rejection risk is highly decreased. Exercise, diet and maintaining a normal weight are still the best way to improve one’s appearance. However aging and genetic influence is usually the culprit in the deterioration of one’s physical appearance that only cosmetic surgery can correct. For instance, for some individuals genetics causes fat to be unevenly distributed and this usually begins at age 30. Here they start losing volume in specific body areas including the face and hands. In situations like this, fat transfer procedure can be the only alternative.

Body fat transfer candidates like those who would want to undergo San Diego Tummy Tuck should have a good overall health condition both physically and emotionally. They should also have enough information relative to the procedure and more importantly to have very realistic expectations on what the cosmetic procedure can and cannot do for them. Several weeks prior to the cosmetic procedure, habits such as smoking and drinking should be immediately stopped. The components of these vices can affect and slows down the healing process of the cosmetic procedure. Smoking and Drinking can also increase the risk of complication and may contribute to a negative impact on the final cosmetic result. Prior to the procedure the patient should have a serious talk with his or her cosmetic surgeon to fully understand what the