Sandy Piehl

Focused social media and internet marketing enthusiast whose passion and joy comes from helping others be found, be social, and be useful online. My focus? To know YOU and be YOUR voice online so YOU can focus what YOU need to do: run your business. I am... all about YOU!!

Internet Marketing Management Director, NOW Marketing Group, Inc.


phone: 877.380.6698 ext. 818

About NOW Marketing Group:

NOW Marketing Group is a marketing company that believes in a marketing strategy that's beyond traditional. We firmly believe our sole purpose is to re-define relationship marketing. Our goal is to help area businesses build relationships with their clients, both online and within their communities. Our motto? To help businesses to be found, be social, and be useful by offering a program where businesses are having a two-way conversation with their clients online.

We understand the importance of a customer wanting to know, like, and trust any business before they make a purchase. However, before the purchase commitment, they must find and know more about the business - and this is where we come in. We believe that the equation for successful marketing puts people first and business second. We believe in being an active partner for your business. We spend time learning the heartbeat of your organization. We analyze buying patterns of your clients and how to engage your audience online to bring effective ROI (Return on Investment). We enable your business to be found, be social, and be useful!

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