Sandy Pretzlaff

Scottsdale, AZ

I’m a marketing professional who helps B2B companies grow their businesses through content marketing and integrated demand generation campaigns.

Marketing is an exciting world today; technologies are emerging that smash barriers to market entry and make it possible to test and improve engagement with customers. Technology is creating unique pathways for marketing professionals to excel, and I enthusiastically embrace new marketing technologies. In fact, throughout my career technology has been (and still is) my passion: cloud, supply chain, ERP, CRM, BI – the tools that make great things happen for the people within business.

Along with technology, I embrace content marketing and believe it drives success in all other aspects of marketing: demand generation, thought leadership, social media, lead generation, brand awareness, and sales enablement. A deep knowledge of the prospect drives meaningful, relevant content that builds long lasting relationships and trust throughout the customer life cycle.

I’m fascinated by all facets of business, and have a background working with start-ups, mid-sized, and large businesses in diverse industries. I thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative environment where I can help people get organized, energized, and work together to solve problems and generate high-quality leads. More than anything I like to go the extra mile for my team and stakeholders!

My personal style is positive and encouraging, and I work well one-on-one, in small teams, and in larger groups, as well as in home-office environments. I love to present and facilitate meetings (I'm a PowerPoint maven) and have strong research and diverse software skills. Ultimately, I am a change-agent of sorts always looking for ways to streamline workflow. And if I've learned something, I like to lay it out for others to make life a little easier for my team and co-workers, clearing a path for all of us and our organization to be successful together.

  • Education
    • MBA, W.P.Carey School of Business, Arizona State University