Sapphire Kharyzma

Wilmington, Delaware

Sapphire Kharyzma -- draws inspiration from both modern-day divas and the great beauties of yore—(think Beyoncé meets Marilyn Monroe). She's fond of daring, attention-grabbing accents like rich textures, dazzling sparkles, and high platforms. If there's a spotlight, she's in it.

"Like Father time himself, I have the ability to stop time! Yet I am no God. I am Goddess. I can record random moments in history, but I am not a Historian! I can vividly remind one of their past, and document their present, which rapidly becomes their past, for preservation of their future, yet I am not a fortune teller! I am called upon to capture precious moments, but I am not the leader of any armies. With this great power, I am merely equipped with my hands and my eyes! Through the aid of light, am I allowed to captivate beauty, yet I cannot be compared to the sun! I contain the art of manipulating time, for time is truly of the essence... And that essence is our fruitful nature, that fruitful nature is as we know it, called Life! I simply take seconds of life into the palm of my hands and freeze it.... And without our future, we will cease to exists!"

  • Work
    • Golden Goddess PR
  • Education
    • Long Island University
    • Florida International University