Sara Claridge

Writer, PR, and Content Marketing in Limousin, France

I'm a freelance technology PR and content marketing specialist, an author of romantic suspense novels, and occasional sheep wrangler.

A couple of years ago someone tagged me on LinkedIn for storytelling. It still makes me smile. Where I come from it’s another way of saying I tell fibs. Fortunately for me, Wikipedia puts a different spin on it.

One of the reasons I enjoy content marketing is it enables me to tell the same story a dozen different ways. It might be a blog post or a press release, or even a one-off whitepaper as a follow up to a specific high level meeting. The key is getting the message right.

Content marketing isn’t just about cleverly crafted Tweets or Facebook photos for people to share. 1m likes is great branding, but it doesn’t necessarily translate into great sales. For me content that encourages an individual to reach out and engage with you directly is far more valuable.

If you’d like to discuss how I can help your business then email me at [email protected]

I’ve worked in the technology PR industry for over 20 years and now I also write romance fiction. Maybe that person on LinkedIn was trying to tell me something after all.