Sasha Schwendenwein

Sasha Maria Schwendenwein will graduate with a masters degree in Broadcast
Journalism from Columbia University's Journalism School in May 2012. She is a dual
citizen of both South Africa and Austria. Her inspiration to pursue journalism was fueled by the work of reporters who exposed the struggles of Apartheid and the people's fight for equality. In 2005 she moved to Texas on athletic scholarship for swimming and to study at the University of Houston. While there, she graduated with a triple major in Broadcast Journalism, Creative Writing and Media Production. She is a former internationally ranked professional swimmer and in 2009, she became an All-American athlete, reaching the national finals in the 200 meter butterfly. Later that summer, she traveled as a professional swimmer with Austria's National Team and competed internationally with Olympic hopes. She retired from swimming in 2011, that summer, Sasha worked as a news anchor for Global Broadcast Connection / GBC World News : a 24-hour cable station airing in major US cities. Previously, Sasha interned as a writer and reporter for PBS's environmental sustainability TV program, 'Living Smart' with Patricia Gras. She speaks English, basic German and basic Afrikaans and is currently completing her master's degree at Columbia Journalism School. She is interested in covering world religions, politics and sports. PORTFOLIO