Schock Logistics

Focusing on medical and office equipment, Schock Logistics, Inc., de-installs, packs, and ships expensive electronics around the United States, securing all data. The Bend, Oregon, company conducts onsite data-security wipes of all sensitive equipment, including hard drives, fax boards, and network cards. Founded in a garage in 1992 by entrepreneur and Silicon Valley expat Spencer Schock, Schock Logistics now counts Fortune 500 companies, national banks, leasing companies, copier dealers, and thousands of small companies among its clients. Unlike most freight carriers, which rely solely on their own vehicles, Schock Logistics partners with 20 reliable and flexible carriers nationwide, putting thousands of trucks at its disposal to ship items quickly and safely. Held to the company’s uncompromising standards, each carrier selected must have a record of integrity and provide superior service, competitive pricing, and fast transit times. Sensitive electronics travel blanket-wrapped and secured by seasoned professionals. Special trailers with uniquely engineered air-ride suspension offer a gentle transit for all equipment. Schock Logistics also provides satellite tracking for clients to monitor their shipments on the company website, Prior to shipping, Schock Logistics documents the condition of each item. For a piece of equipment such as a copy machine, for instance, the company’s de-installation service is performed by a certified technician who verifies the serial number and checks that the machine functions properly. The Schock Logistics professional checks for cosmetic or mechanical damage and separates stand-alone accessories. Subsequently, he or she removes toner/ink cartridges, fuser oil, drains as necessary, and locks the scanning mechanism. The technician then deprograms user codes, security mechanisms, and passwords; assembles cables, maintenance records, and manuals; and completes the inspection report, providing a copy to the client. Schock Logistics became the first company in its industry to embrace carbon-free shipping. Partnering with Renewable Choice Energy, the firm has calculated the cost of its carbon footprint for a shipment of 500 pounds at $4. Schock Logistics offsets this impact by purchasing carb