Scott Sohr

Entrepreneur in Nashville, Tennessee

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Nashville-based entrepreneur Scott Sohr graduated from Auburn University with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. During his sophomore year at Auburn, he created his first company, one that sold highly engineered thermoplastics to producers of molded plastic components. After completing his undergraduate studies, Scott Sohr gained admittance to Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management, where he earned an MBA.

In the years since, Scott Sohr has continued his career as an entrepreneur by founding the Nashville-based STS Ventures. Leading this start-up incubator as president, he maintains a focus on finding talented people and providing them with opportunities to pursue attractive business ventures. His efforts in this capacity have led to the creation of approximately 8,000 new jobs and well over $2 billion in revenue.

Companies Scott Sohr has cofounded through STS Ventures include Recycling Ventures, which concentrates on the extraction from aluminum smelter waste streams of residual aluminum, and Correct Care Solutions, which provides healthcare services to juvenile and correctional facilities. Apart from the renewables and healthcare sectors, he has helped to establish business entities in the fields of real estate and finance technology. To learn more about Mr. Sohr and his entrepreneurship, please visit

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