Sean Lotz

Library Associate (Reference) and pastor in Shelton, Washington

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I work the reference desk at the Shelton Timberland Library. That means I help people find answers to a lot of questions (What questions? Any questions.), and I help people do all sorts of things with their computers and hand-held devices. The public library reference desk is where people go when they need something and they just don't know where to ask.

Also, I coördinate programs and events for the public. I am the Facebook guy for the branch. I don't shelve books. Well, I shelved one yesterday.

I am the pastor of St. Ita Celtic Catholic Church in Shelton and the Chancellor of the Celtic Catholic Church, Diocese of St. Brendan, and the diocese's dreaded "liturgy monster."

Under the name "Lorica Books" I publish books of interest to Celtic Catholics, including liturgical, canonical, and devotional texts.