Sean Garcia

Army National Guard, Cosplay Volunteer, and Fitness Dedicator in Kendall, Florida

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My Story:

I am very isolated/conservative/low profile with myself, my friends & family.

From Kendall, FL. went to City College of Ft Lauderdale & held my A.S. in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Film, Radio, Advertisement, & Digital Arts. While @ City College I went to my 1st tour trip to Orlando, FL in Febuary 2008. I was intern @ Clear Channel Radio, Inc in the Promotions Dept from few FM stations in 2009 for 2-4 months. I was a member of the Mass Communications Club. I Graduated in 2010 (Class of 2010).

Afterwards I was accepted @ FIU, Miami Dade, & The Art Institude. I was in Miami-Dade for a while, then I was a current student @ FIU from 2012-2016 in the Bachelors Program but didn't finished. I was a member of the FIU Catholic Panthers Club Ministry and volunteer with other ministries from other universities.

currently Enlisted in the Army National Guard (February 2017 - Present) MOS 88M Transporter.


2nd Amendment supporter, Fitness, Photography, Book Reading, Soccer, Running, Cycling, Firearms, MMA, Cosplay Event Volunteer, Arts.

"Be positive at all times in order to face everything in your future cause life is always unpredictable"

"Fitness/sports/athletes is born & raised in my bloodline"


  • Education
    • City College of Frt Lauderdale, FL. FIU Miami, FL.