Sean Garcia

Military Enlistment in Kendall, Florida

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Life after High School and recently has been more like reinvented/reformed. theres a lot I put away for good. I am very isolated/conservative/low profile with myself, my friends & family.

Raised in Miami, FL. went to City College of Ft Lauderdale & held my A.S. in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Film, Radio, Advertisement, & Digital Arts. While @ City College I went to my 1st tour trip to Orlando, FL in Febuary 2008. I was intern @ Clear Channel Radio, Inc in the Promotions Dept from few FM stations in 2009 for 2-4 months.

After Graduation @ City College

(Class of 2010) I was accepted @ FIU, Miami Dade, & The Art Institude. I was in Miami-Dade for a while, I was a current student @ FIU from 2012-2016 in the Bachelors Program but didn't finished. I was a member of the Catholic Panthers Club ministry and volunteer with other ministries from other universities.

currently Enlisted in the Army National Guard (February 2017 - Present)


2nd Amendment supporter, Fitness, Photography, Book Reading, Soccer, Running, Cycling, Firearms, MMA.

"Be positive at all times in order to face everything in your future cause life is always unpredictable"


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    • City College of Frt Lauderdale, FL. FIU Miami, FL.