Emily Cooper, M.D.

Doctor in Seattle, Washington

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Dr. Cooper is the Medical Director and Founder of Seattle Performance Medicine located on the north side of Magnolia, just past Fisherman’s terminal in Seattle. She has over twenty years’ experience in Family Medicine, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology and specializes in Metabolism. Board Certified in Family Medicine, Sports Medicine and Obesity Medicine Dr. Cooper actively engages patients to participate in their healthcare. She believes that patient evaluation, preventive screening and early intervention are the most effective strategy for every patient’s health and wellness. Some of the insights that she received from medical school was that the patient history was the most valuable piece of the medical puzzle. Having patience and spending extra time to really listen to a patient’s history are the most powerful tools a doctor has in her bag.

She has also founded a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, The Diabesity Research Foundation to focus on advancing the science of metabolism through research and education in an effort to curb the exploding Diabesity Epidemic. Dr. Cooper's book: "The Metabolic Storm: The science of your metabolism and why it's making you fat. PS it's not your fault" explains why weight issues are not the result of laziness, absence of willpower or a lack of commitment and how the metabolic system affects the body systems. It goes on to explain that deprivation diets and exercise program doesn't always keep the excess weight off and why your health doesn't improve long term. Her book is now available on Amazon. All proceeds are donated to the Diabesity Research Foundation non-profit.

Dr. Cooper regularly appears on KING 5 TV HealthLink’s Get Fit Program Doc, Be Smart, Be Well Program 2016.

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