Russell Dempsey

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Father in Seattle, Washington

I am a Software Engineer, Web Developer, programmer, coder, father, husband, poet, handy-man, gamer, jack-of-all-trades, open-source contributor, freelancer, and life-long learner.

My passions other than Software Engineering are: Artificial Intelligence, Math, Education, Finance and top those with a sprinkle of Data Science love. It's also important to know that I approach life with a never-stop-improving attitude, so I greatly value efficiency and think that any and all things can be improved somehow. We may not know what, why, how, or when, but there is a way, and the search for that way is usually incredibly fulfilling.

I think that process improvement is my ultimate specialty.

I have 15+ years of development experience covering a multitude of disciplines; Over 6 years industry experience as a full-time, full-stack, web developer. I have fallen in love with JavaScript on both sides of the browser over the last 5 years but I also enjoy and am highly proficient with PHP, build automation, scripting, dev ops, version control systems, linux, and win/unix CLI scripting. I am eager and capable of catching and keeping up with just about anything else you throw at me, though probably a little rusty.

If something needs done, I try to do it myself at least once; Mostly because I'm endlessly curious with how things work, but also because I am frugal.

  • Work
    • Amazon
  • Education
    • Bellevue University
    • Metropolitan Community College