Shane Whittle

An entrepreneur with an interest in natural lifestyle and health products, Shane Whittle runs two food-related businesses from his offices in Vancouver, Canada. Whittle co-founded the coffee company Marley Coffee LLC. in 2007, and since that time he has served as CEO and Managing Partner of the organization. In addition to overseeing the sales, branding, and marketing of the gourmet coffee company, Shane Whittle monitors the fair trade and organic labeling, and he has developed his own seal of approval called ITAL.

Among Marley Coffee’s gourmet products is a 12-ounce bag of 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans, a type of bean that is highly sought after by coffee lovers around the world. Shane Whittle’s partner is Rohan Marley of the legendary Bob Marley family, and together they work with coffee growers in Jamaica, including the Marley family farm, to source Organic Jamaican coffee. To give back to the farming communities he does business with, Shane Whittle co-created Kicks For Cause Foundation, which helps provide soccer equipment and venues for children in Jamaica and other coffee-growing regions. Marley Coffee has also partnered with the organization, the Marley family’s movement to support charitable causes.

A native of Canada, Shane Whittle studied Business Administration at Capilano University in British Columbia and he also took International Business courses from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. He excels at providing a uniquely global vision and viewpoint to his marketing and product development efforts. In addition to running Marley Coffee, Shane Whittle serves as CEO of Mellow Bars Inc., a new herbal-based relaxation snack. When he has free time, Whittle likes to combine work and play by participating in coffee farming and harvesting, and he also enjoys playing soccer.