Shannon Taylor Hodnett

Writer and Artist in Galveston, Texas

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✭✭✭ Shannon Taylor Hodnett is an Oklahoma girl gone the beautiful beaches of Galveston, Texas. She lives with her husband, Jeff—a writer with a day job…..and her handsome son Jack, who is a call center operator—he also speaks Japanese and is an avid collector of retro & Japanese video games.

〜The furry faction of her family includes two handsome tomcats, Malfoy & Cassius—one super-sweet Pitbull mix named Tug—one wise, old Chihuahua, Suki—and one crazy, but ultra cute Jack-a-huahua pup named Moxie—Shannon & family hope that they truly love each other somewhere way deep down in their sweet & furry little hearts!

〜Following her freshman year at the University of Oklahoma, she abandoned college life for a couple of years spent waitressing.

〜One day—disillusioned with the restaurant world, while watching an Armed Forces episode of Family Feud—she decided to join the military.

〜In 1992, she joined the US Navy, but after brief stints working at the DC Naval Shipyards, the Navy Museum warehouse, & with the museum curator, her military career was cut way too short. Navy nephrologists diagnosed her with a rare, incurable kidney disorder and medically, but honorably, discharged her from the Navy.

〜Having fallen in love with a fellow sailor, over the next two decades, Shannon married her soul mate/other half....gave birth to their amazing son, Jack.....and received a shiny new kidney transplant from the best kid-sister ever, Robin. ♥

〜After spending years dealing with major health issues and raising her son (not sure how she chased around a 2-yr-old while connected to a 2-Liter dialysis bag and an IV pole!), the new kidney gave her new chance at life, and an appreciation for everything and everyone around her. Shannon soon rediscovered her lifelong passion for writing. She persevered doubts and frustration to complete and publish her first novel—and now she's writing the two sequels, along with a few other projects.

〜Shannon has always known writing is her calling in life. It's apparent from the overflow of titles on her to-be-written list! So many stories waiting to be told, and she will tell them all, because she refuses to let her pen rest until the last page of her own life story is finally turned. ✭✭✭