Sharukh Eruch Bamboat

Freelance Content Writer, Blogger, Ghostwriter in Mumbai, India

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My name is Sharukh Bamboat and I’m passionate about writing. In fact, more than that, I’m passionate about engaging and impacting my readers with words, words that inspire, evoke a sense of joy, comfort and nourish your soul, that move you to tears, that give flight to things that live in your imagination and that lead you to action.

I began my freelance content writing journey in 2009 as a nobody, passionate about engaging with the audience. The road ahead was tough, the journey seemed impossible, but my passion for my creative skills was bigger than my fears. I relished many successes, suffered many failures, but I was never shy of learning, of improving and expanding the horizons of my creative skills.

I understand that every company, every brand, small or big has stories to tell. They want to reach out to their audiences and tell them what their brand is all about, what products and services they bring to the table and how people can benefit from it, and for that they need the right words.

As a freelance web content writer, blogger, ghostwriter, article writer, and press release writer I communicate those stories – stories that not just engage, inform, captivate, and amaze the audience, but also deliver on immediate and long-term business goals.

With my passion for writing and telling stories in an engaging manner, I help my clients take their thoughts to their target audience and meet their business objectives and create their unique identity in the marketplace.

My specialties include article writing, blog writing, web content writing, and press release writing.

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    • PathBreaking Content Services
  • Education
    • University of Mumbai