Shellie Ross

Shellie Ross is a blogging go getter who never sits still, or takes no for an answer. Beginning her blogging career in 2006, she became a recognized name by many of the top bloggers as well as brands in 2009. Through self motivation, she has made a name for herself after working with the likes of Disney World and SeaWold of Orlando, as well as test driving for both Ford and GM in 2009. After facing the tragic death of their toddler son in December, 2009 Shellie has pushed forward, and is determined to bring both pool safety awareness and cyber stalking awareness into her current and future work. She is currently being interviewed for inclusion in a book on blogging moms, as well as writing a chapter for a second book to offer comfort, support and healing to parents suffering from the loss of a child. A self starter, who has put these talents to work with both MomTV and BSM Media sharing her enthusiasm and ideas to help drive the projects she has worked on forward in the blogging community. Shellie currently resides in Florida with her husband who is an active duty member of the Air Force as well as their children on their 3 acre mini farm where life is never dull.