Shiloh Marie


╔╝ (¯`v´¯)
╚══`. ¸ Aleah Rae♥
♫ ♫Rest easy sweet child♫ ♫

I am a free spirit with many interest. I will not pretend to be a bad ass. I have lived that life, and as far as I am concerned, ANYONE who continues to live that life will end up in a box(PRiiSON, COffiiN OR MENtAl tRAP)...

Growing up I've learned to except different aspects of life, I know how shitty it can be I've been through shit, I've done shit, but eventually I just got sick of shit! So all of my experiences make me who i am!

I love life, to me we should celebrate people and our differences in skin color, culture, ect. Just don't try and force your opinion upon me or any one else, we should also recognize the things that make us similar.

I Am Me

My name is Shiloh Marie I am twenty two years old and a High School graduate Class of 2009! I attend Penn States Technical Campus in presuit of a degree in Health Care Infromation Technology. I stay true to my self and my passions. I am a Volunteer Emergency Medical Tech. and firefighter. I love working in firefighting and EMS. That's me and nothing can change that.

Now I am not very religious but beyond that I am spiritual. I am down to earth, I am not into conforming to please anyone or to make a dollar. I celebrate culture. I am all about style and individuality. Everything I do is an EXPRESSiiON Of ME.

My High School Years

I preformed in the Chorus. I was also in the marching bands color guard. High school preforming arts was an amazing time for me because a few of my closest friends were also involved!

As far as dancing and music goes I was blessed to have the confidence to enjoy dance, any form no matter how foolish I look. I love every minute of it.


Nothing compares to the moment your newborn is placed in your arms and you are able to kissed your new baby's sweet baby face for the first time. Complete love and indescribable joy!

I still bear the sadness that came when God took my little girl away so soon. When I close my eyes I can see her face, I never pictured any minute with out

  • Education
    • Pennsylvania College Of Technology
    • Health Information Management
    • Emergency Services
    • Emergency Medical Tech
    • Firefighter