Muhammad Shiraz Kamboh


I'm Muhammad Shiraz Kamboh, I wish to study and work in graphic design because it is something that I have a real passion for: I have been practising it on my own and studying it as vocational training for several years, and yet, I still have the feeling that there is a lot more to learn about it. I am always eager to discover new things in a never-ending graphical lookout, and I am really eclectic about that; I think this is a very important skill for any designer because it helps improve versatile creativity. I am extremely self-sufficient, and can work independently with high attention to detail. I believe all these qualities put together with my previous experience and skills will allow me to succeed into higher education and into the working world

where I had the opportunity to work on concrete projects that gave me an overview of the business world. I created websites, logos, layouts for printed brochures and helped staff with various projects, from small graphics and icons to a complete visual identity. These were really rich experiences that taught me to work with a team of other designers, to be more autonomous and more productive in a professional environment.

I learnt to investigate and research for graphic projects such as logotypes and visual identities, posters, leaflets, illustrations, etc., and I know how to use every component that is part of designing, either theoretical (layout, composition, colour theory, etc.) or practical (sketch drawing, CAD using the Adobe suite).

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