Sravanthi Y


Heyy all....if you see me suddenly stopping and staring at something with an awww, wow, smiling, doubtful mixed expressions on my face then definitely it means that my eyes are glued on series of exquisite designed cakes , breads and chocolates that are displayed in a showcase... so, to me baking is something which makes me feel like a roller coaster ride... the reason y I am saying roller coaster ride is because it starts from gathering all the ingredients from different stores , measure them, mix them , following the technique ,bake and finally decorate the Product....Ufffffffffffff.... By the way am I sounding like “Mission Impossible”... but no issues because I am the Tom Cruise of this blog and make anything possible... :P.. Soo... u guys ready for the ride in to the baking world???? Woohoooo wohhoooo wait wait before i press the start button let me introduce myself I am sravanthi ,married to an awesome IITian and living life to the fullest..... Soooo HOOOJAYEEEEEE :)

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