Simon Scantlebury

Southampton, UK

I was born in Devon, and emerged from Wellington School in Somerset with the sole goal of travelling the world at someone else’s expense. So, after two years as an Officer in the Royal Signals, I turned my back on a place at Bristol University and accepted a post with British American Tobacco – and a car, servants and my own house overlooking the Indian Ocean by the age of 22!

For the next 13 years I experienced the daily life of Nigeria, the Congo and Tanzania: the power cuts, the dirt roads together with the famine, war and disease that are commonplace to so many in that continent.

Africa provided the meeting place for my wife of 43 years Avis who was an expatriate with Shell in Lagos.
By my mid-thirties, I wanted to chance my arm back home.

After a short spell with Cadbury—Schweppes, I spent 17 years with Martini, running most of the Operations side and playing a key role that ultimately led to the merger with Bacardi.

Then suddenly I didn’t want it any more. I was bored. My new boss gave me no space. I hated going to work. I’d reached a point where I couldn’t do it for another day. An opportunity arose to leave and I gratefully took it.

I became a Career Coach in 1993. In 1996 I was elected President of the International Association for Career Management Professionals for the South of England, and, in 1997, a founder Director of the UK Board of Management.

Since the day that I changed direction, I have worked with over 1,500 directors and executives on a one-to-one basis. I have 400+ testimonials, each representing a career and life change which has led to much greater enjoyment, contentment and fulfilment for the individual.

Every day I look forward to the satisfaction of helping others, seeing potential fulfilled and unexpected happiness become part of yet one more person’s life … and family. To develop deep understanding I actively encourage the involvement of the spouse/partner in some of my sessions. I visit many I serve in their homes, meet the people they love and care for, discover their fears and dreams.

I know that for others, as for me, careers change families and destinies.

Avis and I live in Hampshire as does our married daughter and our first grandchild. I am a passionate supporter of the Harlequins and England Rugby teams. I am happier than I have ever been, fulfilled beyond all expectations. Each day that brings a new friend another challenge – o