Simone De Hoogh

Supporting individuals and families living with intensity, super-sensitivity and hyper-reactivity (OE)is my passion.

I am one of the founding directors of PowerWood C.I.C., which is the UK’s leading not-for-profit, community driven, social venture committed to raising awareness and supporting and improving the emotional wellbeing of families and individuals living with intensity, hyper-sensitivity and super-reactivity. Psychologists refer to these combined traits as ‘overexcitability’ (OE). Having this increased sensitivity, awareness and intensity makes a real difference to how life is experienced. These positive personality traits may bring above-average energy, pleasure, enjoyment, creativity, interests and empathy. OE also often comes with the deep urge to make the world a better place for everyone.

I enjoy supporting people/ families to improve their effective and constructive communication, to pursue and fulfil their passions and dreams by helping them to improve the balance between their abilities, enabling 'Successful Intelligence' (Sternberg).

PowerWood with help of 30+ skilled and enthousiastic volunteers is organising fun and informative events for families with intense, super-sensitive and hyper-reactive children, tweens and teenagers. These include Coffee mornings where parenting issues can be discussed, Workshops for Parents, and the inspiring PowerWood Camp with all kinds of fun activities and workshops for the whole family.