ThatDarkSoulsChick aka Becca

I'm Becca. I'm 21-years-old and I absolutely love Dark Souls. I recently started playing, and I'm not exactly good (especially at PVP), but that game is one of my favorites.

I play Dark Souls on the xbox. I'm down for PVP, co-op, etc. My main character is SL125. My gamertag is: demonicpudding

Random Facts

Dogs, wolves, etc, are my favorite animals

Blue is my favorite color

I live in Connecticut, and I'm hoping to move to North Dakota in the next few years

I ski and snowboard

I used to shoot shotguns when going to school in Florida

I'm a huge Mass Effect fan, and help run a Mass Effect fan page on FaceBook (

I also run a few Dark Souls related pages. Links are listed below

I love airplanes

I worship Muse. They're my favorite band