Solace International

I am Patrice Carington, a spiritual business woman, board certified hypnotherapist, professional speaker and life coach.

I am 100% committed to being a solution to the world's problems, environmentally, socially and economically.
I am committed to "being the change that we need in the world."
This is a commitment that i made 30 years ago with my first business when i was 14 years old.

The planet is more toxic than it has ever before and we are at higher risk for environmental toxicity and environmentally influenced immune deficiency syndrome than ever before. The children between conception and the age of 20 old are at the highest risk right now.

I have been studying the worlds problems for over 30 years and have deepened my understanding of the environmental issues in the last 2 years. I now understand how the the social and environmental issues are interacting with each other.

I have been dreaming about the earth changes since 1999. This is the most crucial moment in the history of the planet for us to make permanent, sustainable change.

I am here to help these children, their parents and sensitive people
of all ages.

My guidance has led me to utilzing business as a tool for protecting,
cleaning up and healing the planet. We need to "vote with our dollar",
every dollar we spend is a vote in somone's direction. It is important
that we support ventures that begin cleaning up the planet, reducing
air, water and soil pollution.

I have created a full line of products that are food grade or as close
as possible to it, to use in our daily lives including skin care, hair care
and cleaning supplies. (The skin is the largest on the body and provides a direct route to the blood.).

My philosophy is that if it isnt good enough to put in your mouth than it isnt good enough to go on your skin.

I am in the research and development phase for food grade skin-care, sun-protection, shampoos, conditioners, and deodorant. I am near completion on my food grade deodorant.

Studies are showing that the enviromental toxins are making people sick
through increased sensitivity and weakness to cancer, mental illness and
a whole myriad of illness that are a result of auto-immune system breakdown.

It is time to use business to heal the planet. I am here to do my part.