Spencer Gray

Atlanta Georgia

We only have 1 life to live and we should live life to the max. That is how I view life and as long as my physical ability allows, I always love to challenge myself to conquer new peaks. Don't get me wrong here. The boundary that I'm referring to is not about how high I can accomplish in the corporate world. It never come across to me to imagine myself being the top executive in huge organizations. What I refer to as peaks and boundaries are fresh challenges and new locations that most common people would rather not pursue.

While I enjoy taking on new challenges, my biggest love in life is scuba diving and I spend majority of my time on it more than anything else. Other than scuba diving, I occasionally go for deep sea fishing, kite flying and well, bungee jumping. I enjoy such type of physical activities for two main rationales. First, it allows me to overcome the fear within and realize my personal limitations. Being close to Nature lets me recognize the magnificent creations from our Creator and this is another reason why I love going for physically demanding kind of activities. I have climbed many mountains but the peak of Mt Everest still remain as one of my lifelong goal. I've witnessed several of the world's most beautiful corals but it is always my dream to travel to what is described by many as probably the the last remaining paradise on earth, Raja Ampat.

You only realize how vital it is to carry an excellent set of equipments when you often find yourself out in the wild. The nature of extreme activities requires different set of gears except for one thing that needs to be present all the time. No matter what the activity is, every adventure seeker will need a watch that can last through bumps and drops. A watch that is catered towards mountain climbing can be very handy for your expedition trip as such watch may come with essential navigational information. When you are out fishing on the open sea, a good watch can be your great assistant in supplying essential information such as tidal condition.

I enjoy talking about watches but not just any ordinary watches. I am only interested to talk about rugged watches as such watches can be useful in my case. I happen to collect few watches that are released only in limited numbers. I don't mind letting go of some of them but obviously the price has to right. Drop me a line if you are interested to know the list of models that I have in my small gallery.

  • Work
    • Product Design Engineer
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    • Masters