KRS Murthy

KRS Murthy: A Genius on Steroid

CEO, I Cubed

I have managed telecom services and network provisioning business unit, infrastructure deployment, lead world famous R&D; teams, network management, led competitive strategy and advised many AT&T; business units advising Presidents and VPs, multimedia product development and videophone, founded and led many international telecom standards in AT&T; and AT&T; Bell Labs, bandwidth compression technology for cable TV and variety of corporate and product / service business development and strategic alliance in AT&T;, GE and few private companies in consumer, satellite and other aerospace, defense and industrial vertical markets.

I have a multifaceted background, expertise and track record at management and executive levels in many functional and corporate management. I have expertise in Mergers and Acquisitions in both sell and buy sides leading pre-diligence, corporate valuations, detailed diligence, preparation of M&A; prospectus, deal sourcing, structuring, negotiation, transition and all logistics of M&A; in telecom, wireless, web servers, electric car, biotech, healthcare and other high technology areas and project management background. In addition,

I have extensive expertise in energy strategy, technology, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, business development, sales management, marketing, mar or in your portfolio of companies.ket research, competitive analysis and strategy, in diverse energy technologies, markets, business, industry and market trends. I have extensive business analysis expertise.

I have managed hundreds of proposals. I am excellently networked at personal and business levels in Who's Who of Silicon Valley, and also in most parts of USA and the world.

I am a Corporate Executive with few decades of proven track record in diverse high technology industries. My many years of professional track record encompass various aspects of corporate governance and executive management, including: · Accelerated Corporate Growth and Valuation Growth · Mergers and Acquisitions, Venture and Private Equity Funding · Technology Strategy, R&D;, Engineering Management · Business Strategy, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Competitive Strategy · Guaranteed Corporate Growth in many aspects of your company: Patents and intel