Srinivasan Mohan

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Hi there.

This page is dedicated to letting you know of just who I am, what I bring to the table and what I have managed to achieve so far in my short, but nevertheless meaningful life.

My life has always been centred around hard work and literature thanks to the way my parents brought me up. I love to read and pen my thoughts once in a while. I gained valuable insight into the workplace for a period of 2 years with Infosys Limited and before I decided I needed to gain some B-School knowledge. This I did from MYRA School of Business in Mysore.

I believe in learning as much as possible, regardless of the avenue it comes through. This belief saw me function as a Drums Instructor/Course Coordinator for 9th Chord Music Academy, a Social Media Consultant for Footieculture, and a business consultant for Scatterbot Creatives.

Well, I don't revolve around hard work always :-P. I love to play the drums and get my kicks after tuning into songs of Pink Floyd. Oh, there's also that other passion in my life, Football without which I would have never landed my second job.

Well that's me in a nutshell. Please have a look around my page to know further about what I am

Thank you for your patience,