Stacy Nelson

Stacy Nelson

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over a decade (my cyber trail runs long and varied) and am truly multi passionate: following pretty shiny ideas left and right. I’ve had many successes and equally as many failures. Honestly, I’ve spend thousands of hours and dollars in learning and self development.

I’ve followed plenty of other people’s formulas for success, usually finding that they didn’t work for me… until I realized that the rules just DON’T apply to intuitive people. I mean seriously, we use intuition in so many aspects of our lives, why don’t we lean on it more when building our businesses? So now I am passionate about helping my clients, all deeply intuitive people, break free of the things they should do and tap into their wealth of knowledge and power already inside of them. I do it all from my house on the hill on top of 5 acres of beautiful in Southern California with my 2 Australian Shepherds by my side, usually on my feet as I chat the day away.

Why I Coach…

  • Because it’s fun. I get to talk with interesting people all day long
  • Because transformation is sexy. I can feel it in my whole body when my client has a breakthrough and I know that in that moment, something in them will never be the same
  • Because it makes me a better person. I cannot take someone further than where I am willing to go myself so I am always in the process of deepening my practices and the way I show up in the world
  • Because I create ripples in the world. The growth I help facilitate, my client then takes it to the people in their lives and they take it into theirs. It changes the entire world in that one moment.
  • Because it’s creative. I never have the same conversation twice. I am always in a new space energetically from call to call, moment to moment, word by word and for a multi-passionate person, the changeability of coaching keeps me coming back for more.

What I don’t want you to know about me…

  • I’m a Virgo and embody all the perfection and stubbornness that comes with that. Learning to go with the flow was a hard-learned skill for me, one that takes constant deep breathing.
  • Even with years of Business Development in the corporate world and 10+ years of building businesses of