Starr Zombie

South Carolina

Starr Maree Zombie (October 5, 1997) is a Youtuber and actress. She found her true talents from her daily life as being who she is. She tend to refer herself as an alien from outerspace [hint: her twitter location says "outerspace".] She enjoy sleeping in but always wanna travel around a lot which she never does. She enjoy taking pictures more then videos but she been called obsessed with youtube.

She wanna became a professional dancer and actress. So she sometimes goes on youtube and watch dance videos [Shake It Up, Break It Down is one of the many dance videos she enjoys to watch and learn.] Her favourite shows are Pretty Little Liars, Shake It Up!, and Victorious.

She's also wanna be a photojournalist and start her own fashion/teen magazine someday.

She's love to draw and write books on her free time, and plotting for new videos. She also loves the Sims and video games like Minecraft and Alice in Wonderland. Her favourite movie is Alice in Wonderland,

  • Work
    • Actress, Dancer, Blogger, Online DJ, Singer
  • Education
    • Homeschool