Stefan Geis

Head of Software Development Special Machinery, Project Manager, and Consultant in Bielefeld, Germany

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As a physicist, I've explored many concepts why there is something and not Nothing. Thankfully, I did not finding a unique answer, and was allowed to stay in many nice parts of the world. Until one university got rid of me in exchange for a PhD.

I differ by possessions that I do not own like a car or any other fossile fueled device. Instead, four bikes, 2 X MTBs, a Fat-, and a road bike are available in my household, including spike tires & heating systems for winter riding.

I see the possession of things as a misunderstanding of my role on this planet. "Things that you own end up owning you" (Tyler Durden). Nevertheless, I am quite happy to receive paper with funny colors and numbers on it for playing roles like Head of Development.

  • Education
    • Phd Physics
    • MBA
    • SCPM
    • MSc Physics
    • BA Art History