Mark Stehrenberger

Designer in Ventura, California

Mark Stehrenberger

Designer in Ventura, California

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I'm a Swiss-born designer, living alternately in beautiful San Buenaventura, CA, (a.k.a. Bakersfield-by-the-Sea!) and nice-nice Montreux, Switzerland, (a.k.a. Swiss Riviera) on Lake Geneva. I've established an international reputation for cutting-edge design (so the media say!) in varied fields, from cool cars, furniture, lighting, video games, robotics and medical devices (how cool can THAT be?), to young people's fashion clothing, cool swim wear, fashion accessories and jewelry, cool wrist watches, eye wear, and sports shoes, even mega-cool novelty fun products you absolutely have to have!

I also like the word "cool"!

I've been conducting on-site workshops in design studios, relating to car design, future trends, etc. and have written, produced and hosted automotive show segments for TV and radio in the US and Europe.

I've been featured on TV and radio in the US, Europe, and Japan. My "authentic, dynamic, and engaging style" (so they say!) makes me a sought-after speaker and design expert at car-related events such as dealers’ conventions, “Car of the Year” presentations, auto shows, etc. In German and English, mind you!

Man, they even awarded me "Car Man of the Year" in Switzerland in 2015. Can you believe that?

I'm also actively researching and developing proprietary food products and marketing concepts. For example: Why does Swiss cheese have holes in it? Because they use whole milk! Duh...

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