Steve Farzam

Chief Operating Officer and Founder in Santa Monica, California

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Steve Farzam is the CEO and founder of 911 Health™, which prides itself on providing “The
New Standard of Care™”, setting its aim on total personal healthcare solutions that are
unparalleled. Starting with 911 Covid Testing® in the early months of the pandemic, Farzam
developed one of California’s most respected COVID testing brands almost overnight. As
testing lines grew longer and testing options became more scarce, his company was the very
first provider in the entire region to provide 30-minute RT-PCRs from testing sites that spanned throughout the United States, combined with a fleet of 14 mobile testing units. To date, 911
Covid Testing has administered over 1.3 million tests, ranging from students to essential
workers such as military members, public safety, and health care providers.
With services available 24 hours a day, and the ability to respond virtually anywhere at any time, Farzam and his team continue to lead on the front lines, allowing us to live safer, together.
A family legacy Healthcare runs in Steve's family, with both his grandfather and father being successful physician-entrepreneurs. This background afforded him a rare opportunity to learn and understand the operational demands of leading a dynamic team to success. After completing his Bachelor's degree from California State University Northridge in 2003 and earning a Juris Doctorate from Taft Law, Steve found his calling in emergency medical care, obtaining his National Registry EMT-P certification. He excelled in this field as a healthcare professional, serving as a college professor and flight paramedic, always dedicated to providing assistance to those in need.
During Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which was the most damaging and expensive natural disaster in US history, Steve showed great bravery by serving as a medic for almost 10 days while
others were evacuating. In 2008, off-duty Steve rescued an unconscious person trapped in a burning car, which he considers a humble act of community service. For his exceptional
bravery, Steve was presented with the Medal of Valor by both the Burn Institute and the San
Diego County Board of Supervisors.
Presently, Steve Farzam leverages his vast expertise in service and leadership, complemented by his exceptional ability to excel as a cutting-edge service provider.

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