Thomas Wilson

I should have been an Engineer. Since discovering that I enjoy writing books much more than I love reading them, I have embarked on the path of aspiring author. I love that all of my crazy ideas that I can't make real because I never became an engineer, I can bring to life in my stories.

I Love to write books and read others books. I am a God fearing, family man with a 8 - 5 day job. I enjoy riding my motorcycle, and building models, along with spending as much time as possible raising my children with my wonderful wife.

I have written and e-published two novels so far.
"Whisper" in January of 2011.
"No Rules Of Engagement" in September 2011.

Currently writing the sequels to both books!
Aspiring authors or people who love History please follow my Blog which is filled with history tidbits, and chronicles of my discoveries with becoming an author.