Stuart Herd

Entrepreneur in Kenya

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A third-generation Kenyan, Stuart Herd is a Kenyan Businessman and very passionate about the environment.

Among his businesses in Kenya

Dojo Wellness Club , Nairobi , Kenya . Dedicated to wellness through health and fitness and respecting our environment .

Talisman Restaurant, Nairobi , Kenya , dedicated to providing organic gastronomic cuisine

Stuart supports wildlife conservation via the two trusts listed below:

Tsavo Trust - working to improve the lives of local communities , conserve the Tsavo environment , combat poaching and add capacity to assist KWS.

Kuruwitu Marine Conservation and Welfare Association A Vipingo based conservancy improving the life of local fisherman while conserving the beauty of the marine life in the area

Concerned for among other things , the world heritage site of Lamu and the fact the Kenya Government plan to build a coal power plant there in total disregard for the culture and people of Lamu .

  • Education
    • Hillcrest Sec Sch ,Nairobi , Kenya ,Curtin University , Perth ,W Australia