Studio Wanda


Studio Wanda is a fully equipped studio for the practice of BDSM, which its 150 meters in Bilbao and 450 meters in Wanda Madrid. Both Studios have rooms suitable for torture, medical, fetishism, transformism, domination … Studio Wanda is now a reality affirmed and recognized in the European BDSM. Proof of this is that 70% of fans who visit come from outside our borders. From the date of its opening on Studio Wanda has become an unavoidable reference for the breadth and quality of its facilities, provision of furniture and magnificent equipment, cleanliness and neatness and of course, for the reputation of good work and discretion of their mistress, Mistress Natalie. As is the case with the best works, the Studio Wanda is a reflection of the personality of its author. SHE, this precinct has turned in his best and most perverse ideas, passions, experiences and desires.

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