Survivor Jane™

Survivor Jane™

Like so many women, Survivor Jane was a self-professed "oblivious-to-what-was-going-on-around-her" city-girl. She was clueless about politics, the economy and the ever changing weather patterns around her.

It wasn't until she personally experienced a life-threatening assault, lived through several violent hurricanes, and watched as her 401k dwindled down next to nothing that her eyes began to open to what was going on around her.

In 2008 Survivor Jane took a huge leap of faith - she quit her corporate job, sold her home (for next to nothing), cashed-in her 401k (even less of next to nothing) and moved to Western North Carolina to learn a more self-sustaining and self-reliant lifestyle.

Giving up the life of eating at different restaurants each night and having her nails and hair done - she began to research how to prepare for uncertain times and still retain her "girlie-ness". While searching preparedness web sites she noted most were "male-oriented". Frustrated at having to research a word or phrase each time she went to one of these sites, she began to realize that men and women speak a different language and therefore process information differently.

After that, Survivor Jane decided to make it her mission to educate other people; especially women, on how to better prepare themselves. To help in her mission, she created the website and writes on a multitude of topics dealing with disaster survival and preparedness in easy to understand “girl-talk” that she interlaces with bits and pieces of humor on her personal experiences and discoveries.

Jane is the Author of the Newly Released Book: "Where There Is No Cosmetic Counter" (sold on on Amazon)

As an additional outreach, Survivor Jane also uses Social Media Networks. On Twitter, she created the hashtag #PrepperTalk (a search tool) to bring preparedness-minded people together to discuss and share ideas, suggestions and information with each other. It is currently the Largest Prepper Community on Tw