Susanne Haerpfer

Flooding the Ho Chi Minh-trail. This is what S. P. Armand did – the doyen of weather modification, or weather enhancement, as public relation officers would label it. Stopping hurricanes, bringing rain to the desert – this is what weather war is about. Climate change – man-made, but of a diffferent kind. And this has been the topic of my asignment in 2001. A had the security clearance and therefor the ok to visit air force bases in the US being acitively working on weather manipulation. The first day of my asignment was a historical day; unfortunately. As I was in plane bound for first New York, then Miamia on September 11 th in 2001. Unbelievable but true. A coincidence. As I was on the plane, when we, the passengers were informed: “America is under attack.” No plane is allowed to land, no train to trespass. We were sent back to Germanyand it has been only after a whole day that the first time I saw the TV images of the attacks. No way to visit the air force bases I was asigned to for a long time. But maybe these times have changed and I will get an asignment again by a magazine or tv station for this issue. For more than 20 years I have been working as journalist (TV, photography and print media). It has been me reporting about what later was called “Visa-scandal” and has caused an investigation comittee to investigate how it was possible that the former German Foreign and the former Minister of the Interior could have allowed a document enabling thousands of people from the Ukraine entered Spain, France, Germany and Italy, where many were exploited as illegal workers. Everything started with workers being brought from Kazakhstan to Kalkar, Germany for the deconstruction of a nuclear power plant. Later alleged potential terrorists being involved in the planning of the hoastage taking of the Russian musical Northeast in Moscow were travelling to Germany with these credentials. For this research I was nominated for the prestigious German journalists´ prize Henry. Today I am unemployed but busy with free lance journalism and eager to being asigned again to the topics I have been working and publishing about; as can be seen from my tags. Risk assessment of new technology belongs to my core topics. About the unfavourite implications of Biometric security I wrote already in 1989 – when this technology was known only to military personal and James Bond-movie makers. I wrote for the Frankfurter Rundschau about the danger caused by nanotechnology – years befor Sw