Mohamed Abdelbaset

Earth Planet, Egypt, Luxor, Esna

A 26 years old Lazy Wazy Programmer originally from UpperEgypt specifically from Luxor, Egypt. Graduated form a Faculty that do not belong to anything of what i mess in, Yes its Tourism and Hotels Minia University.

PHP and Python lover/coder/writer/speaker and as i said i'm unbearable lazy in a shape doing a chat with you over any messenger even if you're in the next cubical.

Used to be a #Dreamer, #Technopreneur, #Geek, #Hacker. In an Open Relationship with Information Technology, Entrepreneurship, Digits, Software, TechnoThings and Open Source.

I've won (first Place) with my team in Startup Weekend event in #Assiut by founding my third internet startup it's a Web/Mobile App that gathers people with the same interest and share location each other called @Spotivty.

I'm a Security Researcher and a Web Application Pentester, Yes i was a Black with a Hat and somehow turned to be a White Angel. I'm not an Expert as the other websites said tyring to be. An asshole all the time actor and trying to learn a something new every second "59 new things i've learned while you're reading my shits right now", Got Thanked, Rewarded and Listed in dozens of Hall of Fames of Big Internet companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo!, Sony, Kaspersky, Symantec, F-Secure, Avast, Bit-Defender, TrendMicro, T-Mobile, AT&T, WordPress, CNET,, BBC, CNN and many more.

Mohamed Abdelbaset Elnoby
Lazy Programmer, IT Security Evangelist, Bugs Hunter & Co-Founder of W3Pwn. Tweeting, Consulting, Insulting that's my job.

  • Work
    • Senior Programmer
  • Education
    • Faculty of Tourism & Hotels Minia University (Tourism Studies)